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The Return on Environment (ROE): The Economics  of Natural Resources.

What is a Return on Environment Study? Designing With Natives
Explaining the avoided costs, revenues and real estate premiums that nature provides free of charge.

Carbon County Return on Environment (ROE) report demonstrates how open space is greatly contributing to the health of the local economy, as well as to a lower cost of living and improved quality of life for Carbon County citizens. 2018


Return on Environment KITTATINNY RIDGE, Dauphin County  2018

Nature is Serious Business:  How communities can get the best financial return on the environment (PDF)

Green Berks The Business of Nature Report.

Can you put a dollar value on nature? World Economic Forum.
Whichever way you slice it, nature is worth a lot. Ecosystem services are still estimated to be worth something like twice as much as the world’s US$75 trillion gross domestic product.

Return on Environment: The Economic Value of Protected Open Space in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Full Study (PDF),  Summary (PDF)

Ways to Measure Nature’s Impact.  The Benefits of Habitat to a Homeowner and a Community. John Rogers

Hull RB, Michael Se. Nature-based Recreation, Mood Change, and Stress Restoration. (1995). Leisure Sciences. 17(1):1-14.

Sense of Place (PDF)

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