Preliminary topographical turbine viewshed.

Preview of coming attraction - we are having accurate topographical maps and 3-D views created to show the turbine viewshed. This preliminary example is based on just 2 turbines. They would be visible from any area shown in red. 47 more to follow. Not only during the day, but aviation lights will also be installed … Continue reading Preliminary topographical turbine viewshed.

Extent of Forest District Land in L’Anse Township.

This is NOT about ONE project (Summit Lake). If they change the zoning to allow 500+ ft wind turbines in the forestry district, they will be allowed to be constructed with a special use permit in ANY of the area shaded dark green on this map (they already are allowed in the lightest green)! History … Continue reading Extent of Forest District Land in L’Anse Township.

FAA information for Proposed Turbines

Details for the Proposed Industrial Turbine Locations From 2018 FAA Applications View on google map Case Number Links to FAA Information Latitude Longitude Site Elevation Name/FAA Map Determined 2018-WTE-6439-OE 46° 41' 32.33" N 88° 18' 12.50" W 1795 T1 11/21/18 2018-WTE-6440-OE 46° 41' 52.98" N 88° 17' 49.07" W 1795 T2 12/04/18 2018-WTE-6441-OE 46° 42' 10.35" N … Continue reading FAA information for Proposed Turbines

Proposed Industrial Turbine Locations – 2018

RES - Turbine location update.   August 10, 2018 All of the Original 131 Cases have been terminated, at this time RES does not have any locations approved by the FAA.  On July 07/06/2018 there were  69 proposed Cases submitted to the FAA for Wind turbines.  There are 2 sets of Cases a group with structure names … Continue reading Proposed Industrial Turbine Locations – 2018

NREL: Wind Maps

This collection of wind maps and assessments details the wind resource in the United States. If you have difficulty accessing these maps because of a disability, contact the Geospatial Data Science Team. Wind Prospector  This GIS application supports resource assessment and data exploration for wind development. Wind Speed Maps U.S. Annual Average Wind Speed at 30 … Continue reading NREL: Wind Maps

RES releases map of Wind Industrial Park.

RES unveils new map showing they may have reduced the number of turbines (for now?) but are still looking to destroy the same footprint. Take a good look at where they plan to put the Wind Industrial Park. The amount of devastation and the beauty we stand to lose, is heartbreaking.  *Note many of the "landmarks" … Continue reading RES releases map of Wind Industrial Park.