Proposed Industrial Wind Farm for 8-12 575 foot turbines along the Keweenaw Ridge in Houghton County.

The Keweenaw Ridge consists of the spine of mountains that rise out of Lake Superior near Ontonagon in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, continue along the Keweenaw Peninsula, and terminate at Copper Harbor at the north end of US41. Adams and Stanton townships are home to many residents and businesses along the Keweenaw Ridge.

Placement of any technological infrastructure is all about context. The Keweenaw Ridge is just not appropriate for locating large scale industrial wind turbines. The towns, farms, and wildlife that live along, under, and within view of the ridge, have historical, cultural, economic, and environmental significance that will be harmed by placement of these gigantic industrial wind turbines.

Guardians of the Keweenaw Ridge

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