FAA information for Proposed Turbines

Details for the Proposed Industrial Turbine Locations From 2018 FAA Applications View on google map Case Number Links to FAA Information Latitude Longitude Site Elevation Structure Name Links to FAA Map 2018-WTE-6500-OE 46° 45' 51.07" N 88° 07' 45.86" W 1574 A13 2018-WTE-6486-OE 46° 45' 47.25" N 88° 05' 14.73" W 1640 T48 2018-WTE-6466-OE 46° 45' 46.93" … Continue reading FAA information for Proposed Turbines

Useful Tools

Some Useful Tools Used. Google Maps. Google Map of Turbine Locations for the Summit Lake Project  MiWaters Water Resources Information and Forms: MiDEQ Waters Permits Online Federal Aviation Administration, Obstruction Evaluation FAA Search  - See Proposed FAA information HERE Michigan Office of Aeronautics Michigan Tall Structures and Met Towers  Surface Elevation Tool The Surface Elevation Tool can be … Continue reading Useful Tools

Proposed Industrial Turbine Locations – 2018

RES - Turbine location update.   August 10, 2018 All of the Original 131 Cases have been terminated, at this time RES does not have any locations approved by the FAA.  On July 07/06/2018 there were  70 proposed Cases submitted to the FAA for Wind turbines.  There are 2 sets of Cases a group with structure names … Continue reading Proposed Industrial Turbine Locations – 2018