Environmental documentary “Planet of the Humans” argues green energy won’t save us from ‘total human apocalypse’

8/6/2019 | Matthew Carey  | nonfictionfilm.com

Director Jeff Gibbs argues we’re heading toward ‘total human apocalypse’ and green energy is ‘not going to save us, it’s actually going to kill us faster’

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The truth, Gibbs says, is that putative solutions to our global environmental dilemma, such as switching to renewable sources of energy, building more wind farms and electric cars, offer false hope.

“Everywhere I encountered green energy, it wasn’t what it seemed,” he says in voiceover in Planet of the Humans. “I was getting the uneasy feeling that green energy is not going to save us.”


Take energy from wind. Gibbs points out that manufacturing wind turbines necessitates the use of fossil fuels and huge quantities of resources mined from the earth.

“In these wind turbines, there’s up to 800 pounds of copper, there’s 1 to 2 tons of rare earth metals,” he notes.

Not only that, but the lifespan of a typical wind turbine is only 20 years, the film says. And making space for wind farms has meant laying waste to large tracts of land, and even, in some cases “mountaintop removal” (not unlike coal mining companies that have blown the top off of mountains in West Virginia to get at the anthracite).

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