Wind Energy Impacts and Issues.
Wind turbine placement must consider vibration effect on animals.

Although the study of the impact of industrial wind farms on migration is necessary and commendable, it is my concern that not nearly enough attention is being paid to the seismic vibrations generated by these wind farms.

I can also hear the sound of killdeer outside, and it occurs to me that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard them at strange hours of the night. They seem especially agitated right now, and it strikes me that they, these birds that roost on the ground, are feeling what I’m feeling, perhaps to an even larger degree since they have direct contact to the ground.

Another thing. There are no frogs in my pond this year. It takes 150 paces to circle my pond. It used to be with each step or so I could hear one jump into the water. I don’t believe they could see me coming for all the bulrushes around the edges and with banks 5 to 20 feet high. They were able to detect my footsteps as I approached. It would be my guess that these vibrations are intolerable to them as well. Either that or the vibrations have stopped the eggs from developing. But they’re not there anymore. Not one. (Note: Either that or they can no longer sense the danger of the footsteps coming) 

There are alarming reports of fewer snakes in our area.

Having experienced these vibrations for myself, I really worry about the impact of industrial wind farms on the eggs of all creatures that reside on the ground, in the water; the impact on the environment as a whole.

Vibrations felt from 20 km away.

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