It gets messy when clean energy plays dirty

It gets messy when clean energy plays dirty SEP 29, 2018 | Matt Markey | Toledo Blade NEW RIEGEL, Ohio — Then the sludge barrel is opened, and the spin machine is set to turbo. Commissioner Mike Kerschner, a Republican who opposes the current arrangement with wind energy companies, then gets blasted by the pair … Continue reading It gets messy when clean energy plays dirty

Letter from Weyerhaeuser made available by the Planning Commission.

This Letter from Weyerhaeuser was made available by the Planning Commission at its Public Hearing on September 27. The company's request has implications for the proposed project, including the number of turbines, their size and setback requirements. The devil is in the details, which aren't revealed. For example, what does "more energetic turbines"  The Planning Commission … Continue reading Letter from Weyerhaeuser made available by the Planning Commission.

Blight for Naught: Wind Turbines and the Rationalized Desecration of Nature

False Progress

“To those devoid of imagination a blank place on the map is a useless waste; to others, the most valuable part.” – Aldo Leopold *

mars-hill-maine-ruined-by-wind-turbines This type of mountaintop removal is praised by many coal mine haters. Wind projects don’t remove as much rock but they add stark, unnatural structures. R.I.P. Mars Hill, Maine.

Laurel Mountain wind and battery storage For this “green” experiment, 12 miles of Laurel Mountain, West Virginia were industrialized, including a battery storage gesture that tries to make wind seem non-transient.

wild-horse-wind-and-solar-facility-gauntlet Early explorers would have seen this as an enemy gauntlet, and modern gut reactions are similar. There should be a penalty for ruining unbroken vistas.

Unsettling numbers of environmentalists fail to see that wind turbines are enemies of nature posing as saviors. Calling them eco-traitors is justified when you study the scope of future plans. Wind in the abstract sense is clean and natural, but the physical manifestation of how people “harvest” wind…

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The Double Standards Industry

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It’s a good thing environmentalists have double standards – or they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Empire State legislators worry that anything above the current 0.0001% methane in Earth’s atmosphere will cause catastrophic climate change, and that pipelines will disturb wildlife habitats. So they oppose fracking for natural gas in New York and pipelines that would import the clean fuel from Pennsylvania.

But then they bribe or force rural and vacation area communities to accept dozens of towering wind turbines that impact thousands of acres, destroy scenic views, kill thousands of birds and bats annually, and affect the sleep and health of local residents – to generate pricey intermittent electricity that is sent on high voltage transmission lines to Albany, Manhattan and other distant cities.

Meanwhile, developers are building a 600-mile pipeline to bring natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina, to power generating plants that provide…

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RES backing out of Miami and Cass County Projects

UPDATED: Company no longer pursuing wind turbines in Cass, Miami counties Sep 18, 2018 | Mitchell Kirk Staff | Pharos-Tribune |   An international renewable energy company is no longer considering bringing wind turbines to northern Cass County. Renewable Energy Systems, or RES, which has a U.S. headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, was behind the … Continue reading RES backing out of Miami and Cass County Projects