L’Anse Township Documents:

Also See Documents – Master Plans and recreation Plans

Meeting Minutes:

L’Anse Township Board Minutes.

L’anse Township Planning Commision Minutes



Zoning Map

L’Anse Township Zoning amendment, May 19, 2016, Adopted by the L’Anse Township Board on August 10, 2016


October 11, 2018, NOTICE OF ADOPTION: An Ordinance to Amend the Township Zoning Ordinance Regarding Wind Energy Conversion Systems

L’Anse Township Documents

Village of L’Anse and L’Anse Township Land Use and Zoning Maps
L’Anse Township Master Plan
L’Anse Township Zoning Map
L’Anse Township Zoning Ordinance,
L’Anse Township Zoning amendment, May 19, 2016
L’Anse Township Planning Commission Bylaws.

Other L’Anse Documents

L’Anse Community Solar Social & Economic Feasibility Study December 12, 2017 

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC)

Keweenaw Bay Wind Feasibility Study: April 1, 2010 to September 30, 2012

Arvon Township (Documents)

Arvon Township Land Use Plan 2010

Covington Township

Zoning Ordinance Draft changes 2017

Spurr Township
Baraga Township

Baraga County Documents

Baraga County Recreation Plan 2018-2022
Baraga County Profile 2013-2014
2017 CF land tax figures for thousands of acres in Baraga County
Target Market Analysis Baraga County Michigan 2016
Baraga County Off Road Vehicle Ordinance
Baraga County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2013-2018

Other U.P.  Zoning Documents

Keweenaw County Zoning Ordinance

Marquette Township Zoning

More Zoning Samples from Michigan and elsewhere

City of Escanaba Zoning
Escanaba Planning Commission 2018 Year End Report 

Upper Michigan Documents

Building Resilience in Baraga Township and the City of Hancock Vulnerability Assessment Overview

Economic Development Strategy 2011: Western Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Region

Upper Peninsula Economic Development Final Grant Report
Prepared For: Michigan State University’s Center For Regional Economic Innovation
Awarded For Winter Semester 2014

Michigan Documents

Great Lakes Bathymetry Maps (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

NREL Michigan 90 Meter Wind Resource Map

Michigan’s Offshore Wind Potential Study
(Michigan State University Land Policy Institute, September 2008; PDF 1.26MB)

Michigan Wind Energy Resource Zone Board

Michigan Wind Working Group

USFWS  Midwest US Guidelines

Great Lakes Documents

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Great Lakes Wind Council – Michigan

Planning for Offshore Wind Development in Michigan’s Great Lakes: Background Materials
(Klepinger 2009; PDF, 692 KB)

Legal and Regulatory Framework for Siting Offshore Wind Energy Facilities
(Hoagland et al. 2006; PDF, 1.1 MB)

Rhode Island Offshore Wind Stakeholders Final Report
(RIOER 2008; PDF 90 KB)

Offshore Wind Farms and the Environment: Danish Experiences from Horns Rev and Nysted
(Danish Energy Authority 2006; PDF, 4 MB)

Guidance Notes – Offshore Wind Farm Consents [Permitting] Process
(DTI 2004; PDF, 211 KB)

Analysis of Future Offshore Wind Farm Development in Ontario
(Helimax Energy Inc. 2008; PDF, 1.3 MB)

Michigan Great Lakes Offshore Wind: Permitting Dry Run Final Report
(May 2008; PDF 504kb)

Federal Documents

U.S. Department of Interior, Mineral Management Service,
Final Rule on Offshore Wind Leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf

(April 29, 2009; PDF 10.4 MB)

U.S. Offshore Wind Energy: A Path Forward
(October 2009; 1.66 MB)


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