Some Useful Tools Used.

Google Maps.

Google Map of Turbine Locations for the Summit Lake Project 

MiWaters Water Resources Information and Forms:

MiDEQ Waters Permits Online

Federal Aviation Administration, Obstruction Evaluation

FAA Search  – See Proposed FAA information HERE

Michigan Office of Aeronautics

Michigan Tall Structures and Met Towers 

NOAA Weather Radar Siting Tool

NOAA NEXRAD Screening Tool
Analysis of your proposed project’s impact on the NEXRAD radar network by using the new NOAA NEXRAD Screening Tool.

Surface Elevation Toollineofsite

The Surface Elevation Tool can be used to analyse the surface elevation profile from one point to another to determine line-of-sight.

Figure out the Shadow of an object over time.

Example: One Turbine just east of Mount Arvon. 

T32- Shadow
Latitude: 46° 45′ 29.86″ N Longitude: 88° 08′ 59.04″ W