The photo is in Baraga County.  Not specifically related to wind but ironic that this addresses restoring wildlife conservation areas while at the same time Michigan is allowing industrial wind development to destroy existing wildlife habitats.
None of the DNR or USFW guidelines are mandatory for wind development and even if they recommend against an area, the developer can ignore it.

Michigan officials back federal wildlife conservation plan

Associated Press | Posted:  Jul 19, 2018
Wetlands, like this area near Craig Lake State Park in Baraga County, play a key role in the health of Michigan’s environment.

Near Craig Lake State Park, Baraga Co. Photo courtesy: Michigan DNR

Michigan officials want Congress to approve legislation that would boost funding for fish and wildlife conservation.
Pending bills would allocate $1.3 billion a year to the Wildlife Conservation Restoration Program. The money would be generated through energy development on federal lands and waters.

State Department of Natural Resources Director Keith Creagh says the federal program would be similar to the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. It uses royalties from the sale or lease of state-owned minerals to buy or improve public lands for recreation.

The DNR estimates Michigan would receive $31 million per year if the federal initiative were approved. It could be used for efforts such as habitat restoration and fighting invasive species.

More than 300 wildlife species in the state need protection to prevent them from becoming endangered.

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