This is a collected list of links to other  issues and how we can continue to save, protect and Support the Huron Mountains, Michigamme Highlands, and The Huron Islands.

Check This Out! The Local Warden Biofuel Plant is one of the featured plants and Local Residents appear in the movie

BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal?

A film by Alan Dater and Lisa Merton

“BURNED tells the little-known story of the accelerating destruction of our forests for fuel, and probes the policy loopholes, huge subsidies, and blatant green washing of the burgeoning biomass electric power industry.”

BURNED is a feature-length documentary, which takes an unwavering look at the latest electric power industry solution to climate change. The film tells the story of how woody biomass has become the fossil-fuel industry’s renewable, green savior, and of the people and parties who are both fighting against and promoting its adoption and use.

Watch the Trailer – Featuring 2 local residents!