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Research and Information on Wind Zoning.

Zoned Out: An Analysis of Wind Energy Zoning in Four Midwest States
Alissa Doerr. December 2014. (PDF)

The following is a Wind Energy supported organization.
AWED (Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions) Legal Matters. 6/2/19
“When writing a local “wind ordinance” there are two main routes to take: Regulate turbines, or Prohibit them. These options are explained here. The specifics for how to go the regulatory route (the most common choice) are spelled out here.
See example Plan of Action.  Read this thorough wind study by the citizens of Bethany, NY, which itemizes numerous other areas of concern.”
Local Wind Law Options .

Michael Klepinger, Michigan Land Use Guidelines for Siting Wind Energy Systems. Extension Bulletin WO-1053, Revised, October 2007 Michigan State University.
( Wind Zoning Samples

Riga Township Zoning Ordinance,  Wind Ordinance
Centerville Township Zoning Ordinance For Commercial Wind Energy Systems
Township of Ingersoll Wind Zoning Changes.  View the General Ordinances.

Kosciusko County, Indiana  Zoning Ordinance,  Revised October 16, 2018

Henry County Indiana, List of Applications Documents. 
This provides a sample of documents that Should be required.

Cass County Indiana, Zoning Change Proposal,  Current Ordinance Vs. Proposed Ordinance Language

MONITOR TOWNSHIP, BAY COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Adopted: March 25, 2019 –Extremely Comprehensive Zoning!

Keweenaw County Zoning Ordinance

Marquette Township Zoning

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