Governments,and others around the country and world are starting to understand, and are keeping wind out.

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Statement from Mayor Quaiff on White Pines Wind Project

Announcement Picton, ON – The following is a statement from Mayor Robert Quaiff on the Ontario Government’s announcement that it intends to introduce urgent legislation that will cancel the White Pines Wind Project:

“Earlier today, the municipality learned that the Ontario Government intends to cancel the White Pines Wind Project upon resumption of the provincial legislature. We commend the Ontario Government for taking swift action to end this project, which has been met with opposition across Prince Edward County.

“Council has taken the consistent position that the installation of nine industrial wind turbines in South Marsyburgh would be detrimental to our pristine natural environment and our world-renowned reputation as a culturally and historically rich tourism destination. South Marysburgh is a natural gem within our municipality. The area is home to many families. Furthermore, the area offers habitat to birds, turtles, bats, and other animals, including many at-risk species.

“The County and its residents take great pride in protecting our natural resources and showcasing the historical and rural character of this area.  Industrial wind turbines simply do not fit with this environment and would be detrimental to the natural beauty and historic charm of South Marysburgh.

“Back in 2013, the County of Prince Edward Council declared that the municipality is not a willing host for industrial wind turbines, based on the input we received from the community. We joined municipalities across Ontario who raised concerns over industrial wind turbines.

“Moving forward, we strongly contend that municipalities must be consulted on the issues that are most pressing to them when it comes to industrial wind turbines, including: community vibrancy allocations, community and stakeholder engagement processes, wind turbine placement, compensation for lost property value and the availability of funding for municipalities to manage implementation.”

via The County Prince Edward County