Turbine Construction Site on Mars Hill in Maine,
This is what wind farm construction looks like from a distance.

To know what it’s like close-up you can watch a video of Mars Hill Residents talking about the impact the windfarm has had on their lives here


SCOPE OF WORK: Twenty-eight wind towers at an elevation of 1,800 feet required road construction for the largest crane in the Northeast to move from tower to tower.

CHALLENGE: To design a road that worked with contours and allowed the crane the appropriate grades and radii. The foundations have huge wind loads and had marginal geotechnical conditions.

OUTCOME: The team met the challenge by blasting through huge topographical features to create both the material needed and the grades required. The foundations were accomplished with the highest capacity solid rock anchors available.
~700,000 pounds of explosives were used on the Lowell Mountains
Maine Drilling and Blasting

See more images in this presentation on the Mars Hill Wind Farm.  **Excellent reading with great images and charts!

Backbone constructionThis is a picture from a wind turbine construction site at Backbone Mountain, Tucker County, West Virgina. What is being done here cannot be undone in our lifetimes.

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