L’Anse Township considers wind turbine proposal

L’ANSE TOWNSHIP — In December of 2017, Renewable Energy Systems (RES) proposed to put approximately 35 to 55 wind turbines throughout land in L’Anse Township. On April 27, 2018 the Baraga Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to support the project.

The final decision lies in the hands of the L’Anse Township Board, but first the planning commission must decide to make proposed amendments to the township’s zoning ordinance.

At this time, the ordinance prohibits special use permits for wind turbine use on forestry land; which is where RES is planning to build; on Weyerhaeuser Land.

The planning commission held a special public hearing meeting tonight to allow community members to voice their opinions on this project. It was a full house with a majority of the people making public comment, unhappy with the proposed turbine project or the change to the zoning ordinance.

Wayne Abba, Spokesperson for the Friends of the Huron Mountains organizations, said, “Our research, Friends of the Huron Mountains, shows that when the windmills come in tourism tanks. When the windmills come in, animals go away. When the windmills come in, birds are killed. And, obviously, industrializing the highest point in Michigan is not a pretty sight to see.”

The meeting tonight was only for public comment and no decisions were made.

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