At the end of this article, the Pharos-Tribune failed to mention the 55% tax abatement that RES demanded, meaning we would never see the amount quoted in this article, and when RES finally does start paying taxes on their equipment, RES demands they pay taxes only on already FULLY DEPRECIATED equipment. It’s a BAD DEAL for the people of all of the counties in the project area!  Miami County, IN Property Rights Facebook

Salemate kills wind project.

The Miami County Commissioners hit a stalemate after voting on the amended 2011 wind energy conversion ordinance during their meeting Monday morning.

The amended wind ordinance was in response to the Renewable Energy Systems’ proposal to build 75 wind turbines in north Miami County.

The revised ordinance stipulated the turbines would need to be a minimum of 2,000 feet away from property lines, which would kill the project, said RES Director of Development Brad Lila back in April when the ordinance was proposed.

The amended wind ordinance was then tabled in the April Miami County Commissioners meeting for further research.

The ordinance was brought up for vote again Monday morning in which Commissioner Alan Hunt voted to approve the amended wind ordinance and Commissioner Larry West voted against.

During the April commissioners meeting, Miami County Attorney Pat Roberts claimed that, if the vote was a tie, the ordinance would be passed after 90 days.

There was some confusion during the meeting on whether Roberts’ claim was really the case as West was told otherwise from another attorney.

“We’ve been told by some attorneys that a tie vote says that it’s not approved and we’ve been told by some attorneys that a tie vote says there’s no action,” West said. “We’re still trying to get a better opinion from the attorney’s office.”

A hearing concerning the wind ordinance is expected to be held soon, but no date has been determined at the moment.

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