The wind Industry Sales Pitch: We will hire hundreds of local people.
The reality: It is not the truth, unless they think “local” means the state, region or country, not the county, town or local community.

Construction workers say Apex has broken promise to hire local

Feb 11, 2020 | Eric Baerren @ebaerren |

Unionized construction workers are accusing the company behind a major wind energy project in north-central Isabella County of breaking a promise to hire local workers, and plan to let people know about it all week.

Approximately 55 union workers picketed to let people know about it on Monday, said Chris Taylor, a representative with the Construction Labors Local 1098. Their focus of their ire is Apex Clean Energy LLC, but because the company’s office is tucked back into Rosebush they stood at the corner of Rosebush and Mission Roads for better visibility.

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Taylor categorized the action as a community demonstration to let people know that while Apex came to town promising to hire local workers that they can’t get a meeting with the company. Furthermore, the company they went with, Fagen Inc., a company Taylor said has OSHA violations.

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Apex did release a presser that lists the union companies from Michigan that they have contracted, and while many are from Michigan they are not local, and will not be providing the local financial benefits that were promised