No Wind, No Due Diligence, No Answers

Bob Kissell resident – Board members Negligence

Joe Bollech Friends of the Huron Mountains  – demands answers – and gets more excuses.   Letters after the fact, from those in support now do not “prove” anything.  If the intent at the time was to allow wind on Commercial Forest, then the Zoning would not have excluded them, and commission and board members should not have voted to accept the ordinance. These are Legal Ordinances you can not just decide they mean something else now because you want it to.

None of the other comments or reasons are valid either, No one says that a Wind Project needs to include hundreds of turbines, current zoning for Conservation and recreation would allow Large wind, with less turbines. This is no different than stating Apartment buildings are allowed, but 20 story buildings are not.


The people have a right to be in on all decisions-not a small board of people who are obviously pro turbine-this is too big and impacts too many people to be limited to such a small group-a vote is the only way at this point.