A public hearing was held to amend the L’Anse Township Zoning Ordinance.
Specifically to correct a typographical error,  conflict in terminology, and minor language tuning. None of which actually change any of the zoning, only clarify the intent.

The Township board will vote on the amendment after 30 days review by Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region (WUPPDR).

I thought Wind Turbines were already not allowed on Forest Resource District?

True! by the zoning ordinance Large wind Energy is only allowed on Land zoned  Conservation and Recreation.

The Zoning for Forest Resource District include under the Subsection for SECTION 11.03 – SPECIAL LAND USES.   H. Large Wind Energy Conversion Systems WECS Installations (see Section 3.15)

E. STANDARDS  1. Zoning and Setbacks.  it specifically states:
A Large Wind Energy Conversion System may only be located in areas in L’Anse
Township that are zoned Conservation and Recreation.

Why make an amendment?

Because  it is a conflict to allow a Special Permit for something under Forest Resource land, that is specifically not allowed on Forest Resource Land.

If the Township Boards does not vote to approve the Amendment will the Turbines go in?

No. that is not a Guarantee!

Then a special Permit can possibly be requested, though by the zoning ordinances it can not legally be granted, since  a special permit can not change the zoning, and zoning specifically states that they are not allowed on Forest Resource Zoned land.