April 19, 2019

Summit Lake Wind Project Notice by RES     (RES Press Release 4-19-2019)

RES (Renewable Energy Systems) is no longer pursuing the Summit Lake Wind Project, a proposed 130 MW wind farm in L’Anse Township, Michigan.  Continued delays in the planning process have ceased to make the project financially and logistically viable.

“After a careful review of several factors, RES has decided to discontinue the development of the Summit Lake Wind project,” said Sean Stocker, RES Project Manager.  “We have enjoyed working with the local community and want to thank all the landowners and supporters of the Summit Lake Wind project.”

RES is the world’s largest independent renewable energy company and have been in business for over 35 years.  We have delivered more than 16 GW of renewable energy capacity worldwide and will continue to lead the transition to a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy.

About RES

RES is the world’s largest independent renewable energy company active in onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage, and transmission and distribution. At the forefront of the industry for over 35 years, RES has delivered more than 16 GW of renewable energy projects across the globe and supports an operational asset portfolio exceeding 5 GW worldwide for a large client base.  Understanding the unique needs of corporate clients, RES has secured 1GW of power purchase agreements (PPAs), enabling access to energy at the lowest cost. RES employs more than 2,000 people and is active in 10 countries.

Media Contact

Alicia Rivera, 720-543-2141, alicia.rivera@res-group.com

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