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Failures, Structures, Blades, and Oil Leaks

Ragheb, M. Safety of Wind Systems. 6-10-2016


May 18, 2018 , Research and Development of the Wind Turbine Reliability
Yao Li, Caichao Zhu, Chaosheng Song, Jianjun Tan. The State of Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmissions, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China.
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Applications
2018; 6(2): 35-45

June, 2013, Report on Wind Turbine Subsystem Reliability ─ A Survey of Various Databases Shuangwen (Shawn) Sheng, National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/PR-5000-59111

Mechanical Failures

01.06.2017. Wear Analysis of Wind Turbine Bearings, Nacef Tazi, Eric Châtelet, Youcef Bouzidi. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of RENEWABLE ENERGY RESEARCH.
N. Tazi et al., Vol.7, No.4, 2017

Blade Failures

Iberdrola project blade fail. The Nurlu wind energy facility suffered a catastrophic blade failure.

Structural Failure

Pictures filed under Structural Failure. Photos of turbine and blade failures…

February 25, 2017  Scottish Wind Power Company Attempts to Cover Up Turbine Collapse

September 26, 2016  Defects found in a number of turbine foundations at the 74MW Hardscrabble project in New York State.

Leaks, Oil

May 13, 2017 Wind-power pollution: turbine oil seeps into the land in Mexico

CASTROL’S LIQUID ENGINEERS. Wind Turbine Oils Brochure.

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