Forum held by the Pro-Wind County Board.

The presentation delivered at the Baraga County Wind Energy Forum on April 18, 2018 and a Q&A resource with answers provided by MSU Extension and Renewable Energy Systems (RES) is now available.
The MSU Representatives cherry-picked which questions they would answer, and still answered questions in partial and non-answers. For example, a question about how many miles of road will be built might have been answered with a range but instead says they will be maintained at 20 feet wide and repeats the nonsense about using existing logging roads. (A 20 foot wide logging road?)

The Question on how many studies have been on Moose habitat, the answer can be inferred to be none, as they are referring to the DNR Moose Population Survey. The survey they reference is from 2015, not the most current,  this is also the Winter count, where moose are more likely to be at the higher elevations.
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You can see how the words they use change the interpretation:
Most of the proposed project area is located in the peripheral moose range, where moose density is expected to be low,

Actual – The project sits in both high and low density core moose population areas.

Baraga County Wind Energy Forum

On April 18, 2018, the Baraga County Board of Commissioners hosted a public forum on wind energy development with a presentation by MSU Extension. The forum was held in the L’Anse Area Public Schools cafetorium. The purpose of the forum was to provide an opportunity for residents to hear about the latest peer-reviewed, published research on wind energy development and experiences from other Michigan communities.

Due to the large number of people in attendance, participants were provided with notecards to write questions. Notecards were collected by MSU Extension and some questions were answered by MSU Extension on-site. Other questions were intended for the wind project developer – Renewable Energy Systems (RES) – and those questions were later sent to RES to answer in writing. Both the MSU Extension presentation and written answers to the questions during the forum are provided below:

MSU Extension – Research Related to Utility-Scale Wind Energy Systems
Baraga County Wind Energy Forum – Questions and Answers
Information is for educational purposes only. Michigan State University (MSU) Extension does not endorse or oppose utility-scale wind energy development in a particular community.

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