2018 Michigan Treadhead western U.P. ride thorough the Huron Mountains

Tourism is more than one town.  This video shows how restaurants and gas stations across the area could lose business. During construction many trails and roads would be closed off, after major locations will be gated and restricted. Two-Tracks will become major roadways. This kind of Tourism could begin to look elsewhere. A quick look … Continue reading 2018 Michigan Treadhead western U.P. ride thorough the Huron Mountains

Wind Powered Energy

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As machines, wind turbines are pretty good already; the problem is the wind resource itself, and we cannot change that. It’s a fluctuating stream of low–density energy. Mankind stopped using it for mission-critical transport and mechanical power long ago, for sound reasons. It’s just not very good.

As for resource consumption and environmental impacts, the direct effects of wind turbines — killing birds and bats, sinking concrete foundations deep into wild lands — is bad enough. But out of sight and out of mind is the dirty pollution generated in Inner Mongolia by the mining of rare-earth metals for the magnets in the turbines. This generates toxic and radioactive waste on an epic scale, which is why the phrase ‘clean energy’ is such a sick joke and ministers should be ashamed every time it passes their lips.

It gets worse. Wind turbines, apart from the fibreglass blades, are made mostly…

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