A wind turbine is being torn down after only seven years because it is not operational and too expensive to fix.

Great Falls College’s broken wind turbine dismantled after 7 years.


Great Falls College, Montana, For the Tribune | July 12, 2018

Great Falls College MSU is removing the wind turbine from its campus. Deconstruction is expected to be complete next week. The wind turbine was purchased used from the University of North Dakota. It had been installed at the wind farm near Raynesford before being moved to GFC MSU.

The turbine, which is no longer operational, stopped working in November and the cost to fix and continually maintain it is prohibitive.

The wind turbine, installed at Great Falls College in June 2010, is broken and will be taken down. (Photo: TRIBUNE PHOTO/ RION SANDERS)

The wind turbine, located immediately south of GFC MSU, was operational from June 2010 to November 2017. During that time it produced approximately 258,000 kwh of electricity, which were used to supplement power to the trades building and the chiller units.

Capcon Construction will dismantle and remove the structure. Parts that are still usable will be salvaged and the remainder of the windmill will be used for scrap.

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