Resources Industrial Wind Impacts| Viewshed and the Landscape

Industrial Wind Impacts: Viewshed and the landscape.

Lake Superior Action Research Conservation,

Poll finds 80 per cent want to keep Wild Land Areas free of major development, John Muir Trust.
In June 2017 this poll found that an absolute majority – 52 per cent – ‘strongly agree’ that “Wild Land Areas should continue to be protected from large-scale infrastructure such as industrial-scale wind farms, major electricity transmission and super-quarries”, while a further 28 per cent ‘tend to agree’.

Scenic America Presentation Wind and the Landscape (pdf) by Kevin E. Fry President, Scenic America

2011, Wind Turbine Visibility and Visual Impact Threshold Distances, Robert Sullivan, Visual Resource Analysis, Argonne National Laboratory’s Environmental Science Division.
“Field observation of wind facilities in western landscapes revealed that the facilities were visible at distances of 36 mi (58 km) in both daytime and nighttime views, and were found a major focus of visual attention at distances of up to 12 mi (19km)”
Online Database, Google Earth KMZ (KMZ, 35KB), Publication (PDF, 1.5MB)

Additional Studies from  Visual Resource Analysis, Argonne National Laboratory

EVS’s visual impact assessments developed as part of national- or regional-scale programmatic environmental impact statements (PEISs):

Planning and siting of energy facilities to avoid or reduce potential visual impacts to sensitive visual resource areas:

Visual impact assessment and mitigation guidance for renewable energy:


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