While visiting Acadia National park in the fall of 2018, we were able to see the Turbines from many of the view locations.

Ellsworth American Editorial Blasts Wind Power Development in Maine

July 4, 2015  | Brad Blake | windtaskforce.org

The Ellsworth American Newspaper clearly understands the issues regarding the proliferating wind scourge in Maine.  It’s good they do, as the stretch of small mountains and ridges along Maine’s remote Downeast Coastal region are targeted for heavy wind power development following the Bull Hill project.  The problem is all this region consists of Unorganized Territories and tiny towns and plantations all enveloped by the heinous Expedited Wind Permitting Zone.

“Notwithstanding the rosy and patently false picture painted by wind farm developers and their supporters, the costs and impacts of hundreds of land-based industrial wind turbines vastly exceed the minimal benefits. And despite all the hype, it remains likely that wind never will be more than a marginal supplier of  electricity.”  

Bull Hill project, which is clearly visible from Acadia National Park, sits practically on top of the Donnell Pond Public Reserved Land and has ruined the inland view of iconic Schoodic Mt., which was also preserved by Land for Maine’s Future fund.

Bull Hill wind turbines and the mountains of Acadia National Park in the distance.

This is now the inland view from the summit of Schoodic Mt.

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