A study prepared by Clarkson University and Nanos Research paints a picture of what happened as a result of the industrial turbines replace a homes view, from a premium of 10 percent to a negative drop of 15% in values.

Clarkson-Nanos found that properties with a view of the western side of Wolfe Island, in and around Cape Vincent, prior to turbines being built, commanded a premium of about 10 per cent relative to similar properties. After the turbines were constructed, however, they found a “strong negative impact” on property values. Further, their analysis determined that industrial wind turbines reduce property values on the American mainland by about 15 per cent.

The Clarkson-Nanos study concludes that a massive wind project —will likely depress property values of homes with a view of the turbines. The researchers calculate the impact is likely to be more than $40 million while providing the community with little value in return.

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Clarkson-Nanos study

Article: watertowndailytimes.com  APRIL 5, 2016
Clarkson study: Henderson could lose $40 million in property value from Galloo Island wind project