Studies Show Wind Farms Destroy Habitats

Six New Papers Reveal A Hushed-Up ‘Green’ Reality: Wind Turbines Destroy Habitats More Wind Turbines, More Habitat Harm, Loss

Six new papers expose the systematic destruction of natural wildlife habitats via the installation of wind turbines.
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1. A 20-Fold Loss Of Bat Habitat At Wind Turbine Sites … A ‘Worldwide Phenomenon’ Millon et al., 2018

2. A ‘Distinct Physiological Response’ (Stress) Caused by Wind Turbines’ ‘Disturbance Factors’ Lopucki et al., 2018

3. Wind Farms’ ‘Known Impacts’: Mortality Increase, Habitat Destruction, Enhanced Human Interference, Reduced Breeding Opportunities Ferrão da Costa et al., 2018

4. Installation Of Wind Turbines Have ‘Population-Level Effects’ For Rare, Endangered Species Watson et al., 2018

5. An ‘Urgent Concern’: ‘Wind Power Has Negative Effects On Proximate Wildlife’ (Collision Fatalities, Habitat Loss) Naylor, 2018

6. Wind Farms Negatively Affect Waterfowl Via Habitat Loss, Disturbance Displacement, Compromised Foraging Opportunities Lange et al., 2018

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