Possible ignition sources include lightning strikes, overheating, surface ignition, and electrical failure. Combustible materials inside a wind turbine include the composite materials of the blades, the interior surfaces and linings of a nacelle, and the main shaft of the turbine itself. Furthermore, there are flammable liquids in various parts of the nacelle, including the gear box, hydraulic system, oil pumps, mechanical brake, and generator.

Wind Farm Interference Shows Up on Doppler Radar

Wind Farm Interference Showing Up on Doppler Radar During late 2008 and early 2009, an energy wind farm consisting of 36 turbines began operation in east central Dodge county on Butler Ridge in Herman township.  This is about 2 miles east of Iron Ridge, just north of Rubicon and just south of Mayville and Theresa. Butler Ridge has … Continue reading Wind Farm Interference Shows Up on Doppler Radar