Top 10 Reasons RES’s Wind Turbine Project is a Mess:

10. RES lost an ENTIRE county and ⅓ of their project during the Great Fulton County Wind Rebellion.

9. The word is out – RES lied for months convincing people to sign with the line, “Successful businessman Milt Cole signed, so you should, too.” And he never signed!

8. Prominent lease signers in Miami County are speaking out against RES’s wind project. They rejected RES’s offer to buy their land (and presumably bulldoze it) for a substation. Now they are saying RES’s project isn’t right for Miami County and they hope it doesn’t become a reality.

7. We obtained a lot of information about the project through FOIAs (Freedom of Information Act) requests of county officials’ files, spoiling RES’s rotten secret plans. With one FOIA, we even caught RES writing part of Fulton County’s zoning ordinance!

6. RES had a critical waiver request denied by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission because they planned to put a substation on a wetlands, it was going to harm endangered species, and its noise was going to be a problem for neighbors in close proximity to switchyard transformers! This all earned RES a long delay for their project as they head to the back of the line with FERC!

5. It appears RES can’t get enough ground signed because people here care about each other and talk to their neighbors. Heritage farms are a big roadblock for RES. (“Heritage Farm” is a phrase coined in Fulton County used to describe farmers who refused to sign and would not let RES destroy their land).

4. RES, your reputation precedes you: ruined water wells in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, fines for eagle kills, roads you ruined are a mess in Hardin County, Ohio, union members in New York are mad that you hired out-of-state workers, there are noise complaints in many communities stuck with your projects and more! (Yes, we know about all of that!)

3. We have heard RES’s buyers for their electricity backed out of the deal and RES is back to square one peddling their project!

2. Two lawsuits against the counties RES is in call for setbacks from property lines, and they may be landmark cases.

1. There is open opposition to RES’s wind project at public meetings, there’s a sea of yellow No Wind Turbine signs in the project area, No Wind billboards, we are working to replace pro-wind public officials in all three counties, we have tons more FB likes and traffic here than RES’s page, Property Rights groups are hosting the public meetings RES and the Commissioners refuse to hold, and WE WON’T STOP UNTIL RES IS RUN OUT OF ALL THREE COUNTIES!

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