RES Some company background:
The complaint argues that the five defendants, particularly Morrison, began to form a company in April 2000 called Renewable Energy Ventures LLC (REV). At some point, the complaint says, Morrison agreed secretly with RES to set up an energy development firm and signed a confidentiality agreement with the RES group. Some time before June 30, 2001 REV and RES formed American Renewable Energy LLC (ARE), with a majority ownership going to RES. RES agreed to guarantee the company’s financial obligations.

Strong denial of conspiracy claims — FPL and RES in mediation

1 September 2001
>British owned group Renewable Energy Systems (RES) denies all allegations by US giant FPL Energy that it or its subsidiaries entered into secret relationships to form a wind development company with an officer and several FPL managers while they still worked for FPL. RES group companies have been FPL contractors for several years and hold contracts worth about $378 million with FPL Energy (FPLE) to build two large Texas wind projects.The allegations made by FPL are “completely unfounded, false, outrageous and defamatory,” according to RES defence documents. It appears, however, that a deal of FPL’s grievances pertaining to unfair competition have been “resolved in a mediation agreement,” according to the defence, which claims the RES group is “without knowledge” of alleged wrongdoing by former FPL employees.

Civil Case was resolved with a settlement.

Utility Accuses Him Of Stealing Trade Secrets

August 9, 2003|By Jon Burstein Staff Writer

Ex-fpl Executive Arrested, Charged Utility Accuses Him Of Stealing Trade Secrets
August 9, 2003| By Jon Burstein Staff Writer
Robert I. Morrison, 43, a former Florida Power & Light Energy vice president was charged Friday with theft of trade secrets, a felony, for allegedly passing a secret financial document on to a competing company.

Morrison, is accused of taking the document from a locked file cabinet in FPL Group Inc.’s Juno Beach headquarters three years ago and giving it to Renewable Energy Systems Ltd., a London-based company he was working with to form a new business.

Morrison was arrested almost a year after he, along with Renewable Energy Systems Ltd., reached a civil court settlement with FPL Energy.


Morrison faces a single count of theft of trade secrets, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.
Morrison’s civil attorney, Scott Hawkins, said his client will plead not guilty. Hawkins said he thought FPL Energy’s problems with Morrison had been resolved with the settlement.

Renewable Energy Systems issued a statement Friday saying that the document in question was “nothing more than a general market survey based on publicly available information.” Morrison had generated the document at his own instigation and it was never treated as confidential or a trade secret, the statement said.

“RES Group is extremely surprised that the State Attorney has charged Mr. Morrison with theft of trade secrets for the limited dissemination of a single, insignificant document,”.

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