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High Costs, and Energy Poverty

April 22, 2019. Renewable Portfolio Standards Reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions, But at a High Cost, Study Finds. Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago.  via EPIC News
State-level renewable electricity mandates increase electricity prices by as much as 17 percent over twelve years, making the cost of reducing carbon emissions with these policies more expensive than current estimates of the benefits.

PTC – Production Tax Credits

The PTC is a federal subsidy for the commercial production of wind energy that provides a $24 tax credit for each megawatt- hour of energy sold. It is scheduled to phase out and expire at the end of 2019.

October 2018, THE PRODUCTION TAX CREDIT: CORPORATE SUBSIDIES & RENEWABLE ENERGY, , Angela C. Erickson, Texas Public Policy Foundation:

The Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit: In Brief
Updated November 27, 2018 Congressional Research Service R43453

Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC)

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Texas Public Policy Foundation. Lisa Linowes May 2018.
Part 1: How Subsidies Drive Texas Wind Power Development The Texas Wind Power Story.
Part 2: The Impacts of Texas Wind Power Siting

the Texas wind power story wasn’t one of markets and innovations, but of government favoritism, special deals benefiting big corporations, and hidden costs.

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