March 31, 2019 | Wayne Abba | Friends of The Huron Mountains

A big THANK YOU to UPEC for inviting us to discuss our experience on a panel at “Celebrate the UP” in Marquette this weekend. And especially to Jeff Towner for facilitating and organizing our presentation, titled “Activate the U.P.: An Industrial Wind Power Plant in L’Anse Township?”


Catherine Andrews, Jeffery Loman, Burt Mason, Jeff Towner and I told the saga of the Summit Lake Project from our individual and mutual perspectives, beginning with the rumors of a project and concluding with final preparations for the May 7 referendum (be sure you’re registered and mark your calendar to VOTE!).

UPEC officials and hosts were welcoming, gracious and appreciative. Special thanks to Horst Schmidt, Jon Saari, and Kathleen M. Heideman and all the committee members. We see opportunities for collaboration with UPEC as our role continues to expand beyond the focus on industrial wind zoning.

The panel marked a milestone for FOHM, as we’ve been in existence for a year. As we planned and talked about our remarks, we were struck by how much we’ve accomplished in that time. Attendees were too — we heard many compliments about the knowledge, synergy, cooperation, and mutual respect evident in our short program. One young lady told Kathleen afterward “That put a fire in my belly. How can I get involved?” Of course, we told her how to join FOHM.

I was proud to be part of this important event and to share the podium with Burt, Catherine, and the two Jeffs. Well done, friends! ~ Wayne Abba FOHM