While a few of the public requested protections and restrictions were added as requirements for the new permit, many of the protections for air quality, and though additional pollutants will be tested, they did not increase the timing of those and testing will only be required every 5 years. 

L’Anse Warden Electric Company Permit Issued – With Significant Changes

April 1, 2019| Keweenaw Report

Changes are needed in a permit requested by the L’Anse Warden Electric Company to burn engineered fuel pellets.

The power plant previously had a temporary permit to burn the pellets and were seeking permanent approval.

The Air Quality Division of the Department of Environmental Quality approved the permit but with some changes in response to comments and concerns received during the public comment period.

The DEQ reduced the allowed daily and yearly amounts of tire derived fuel that may be burned and that fuel cannot be burned at the same time the plant burns the fuel pellets.

Also, the power plant will need additional emissions testing for certain hazardous air pollutants.

More details on AQD’s review can be found at:

The AQD does not have the regulatory authority to make every change to the permit that was suggested during the public comment period. In many cases, existing law, rules and regulations do not allow for such changes

Old tires at the L’Anse Warden plant are used for Tire Derived Fuel (TDF). (Photo courtesy Diane Miller)

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