RES (Renewable Energy Systems) OWN their own construction company and develop industrial wind for other energy companies. They do NOT hire locally and here is but one example from New York state. We have not found ONE example since they bought their own construction company where they didn’t use their own company for the construction.

Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc., which EDF Renewable Energy contracted to build its 80-megawatt wind farm, recently decided not to subcontract access road construction work to one of the union’s contractors…
Paul Judkins, a senior project manger with Renewable Energy Systems, said the decision was “strictly a monetary thing” and the contractor decided to perform most of the access road work itself with help from Wisconsin-based Rock Solid Stabilization and Reclamation Inc. for cement stabilization.

“We are not hiring through unions. We are a non-union company,” Mr. Judkins said,

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