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Industrial Wind Impacts

July 19, 2018, Letter On behalf of Trout Unlimited, on the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) transmission line.
” Consistent with our mission, TU’s primary concern will be the impacts of the project on habitat for cold water fish  … A large amount of currently forested habitat will be cleared for construction, and much of this will be permanently converted to cleared corridors. Clearing and construction of access roads and tower foundations may cause sedimentation and other impacts on water quality. Maintained corridors in riparian areas will remove trees that provide shade and will likely raise stream temperatures. ” 

Insects & Invertebrates

Trieb, Franz. Interference of Flying Insects and Wind Parks. Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics Department of Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment
Stuttgart, 30.10.2018 (

The Behavioral Ecology of Insect Vibrational Communication REGINALD B. COCROFT AND RAFAEL L. RODRÍGUEZ

Trieb, Franz. Interference of Flying Insects and Wind Parks (PDF – ENGLISH) – Study Report. Stuttgart,  Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics Department of Systems Analysis and Technology Assessment. October 2018 The Study report can be downloaded from the website:

Veits, M., Khait, I., Obolski, U., Zinger, E., Boonman, A., Goldshtein, A., Saban, K., Ben-Dor, U., Estlein, P., Kabat, A. and Peretz, D., Ratzerdorsfer, I., Krylov, S., Chamovitz, D., Sapir, Y., Yovel, Y., Hadany, L. 2018. Flowers respond to pollinator sound within minutes by increasing nectar sugar concentration. bioRxiv, p.507319.

New research examines wind turbines and insect communities.  Jan 21, 2017.,

Baseline Research for Long-term Effects of Wind Farms on Insects, Plants,
Birds, and Bats in Wyoming:  2014 Annual Report Sarah DePaolo and Michael E. Dillon. Department of Zoology and Physiology, University of Wyoming, Laramie

Wilcox & White (2016): Wilcox, B., White, E., Computational analysis of insect impingement patterns on wind turbine blades, Wind Energy 19 (2016), 483–495, DOI: 10.1002/we.1846

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Corten and Veldkamp (2001): Corten, G.P. & Veldkamp, H.F., Aerodynamics: Insects can halve windturbine power, Nature 412, 41–42 (05 July 2001), doi:10.1038/35083698


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