Industrial Wind Impacts Tourism

Critique of the Heritage and Tourism (pdf) Impact Assessment for Bow Lake Wind Farm
* This project is located in a very similar environment with the same Canadian Shield geology.

Gorm Kipperberg, Yuko Onozaka, Linh Thi Bui, Marthe Lohaugen, Greta Refsdal, Sandra Sæland, The impact of wind turbines on local recreation: Evidence from two travel cost method – contingent behavior studiesJournal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, Volume 25, 2019, Pages 66-75, ISSN 2213-0780,  (PDF) “The analysis generates baseline consumer surplus estimates in the range of NOK 70–155 per trip and indicates that the wind turbines would have negative impacts that are both statistically and economically significant”
                    More studies from Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Some Sample Reports on Turbines and Tourism.
Almost all studies done by independent experts conclude that there will be
Tourism business lost when industrial wind energy is introduced into a tourist

Poll finds 80 per cent want to keep Wild Land Areas free of major development, John Muir Trust.
In June 2017 this poll found that an absolute majority – 52 per cent – ‘strongly agree’ that “Wild Land Areas should continue to be protected from large-scale infrastructure such as industrial-scale wind farms, major electricity transmission and super-quarries”, while a further 28 per cent ‘tend to agree’.

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