What is it that second home owners, vacationers or tourists value about the U.P. or Baraga County in particular? I would think that surveys and polling should be done to determine whether people will continue to vacation or maintain second homes in the area. Before any decision is made that could harm a reliable economic growth area.

Information From Vermont: 
The impacts to ecotourism (meaning economic benefits in general related to the scenic beauty of the area) are potentially endangered by ridgeline wind development.

There is novelty in seeing a wind project the first time.They are huge and impressive, and there is a sense of awe.

It’s a different question entirely whether people will like to vacation or maintain second homes in an area in the long run with extensive ridge line wind development.
A study shows that, for example, vacationers in Vermont greatly value the unspoiled nature of the state.
This presentation is very relevant to the U.P area. With information on the Mars Hill, and other East Coast ridge line wind turbine installations. The Science of Industrial Wind in MA and the Eastern US  (pdf presentation)