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The Great Lakes Offshore Wind

Daniel McGraw, Can Offshore Wind Turbines Succeed in the Great Lakes?  Ice jams and bird and bat deaths will determine the answer. August 14, 2018. Scientific American.


Great Lakes Wind Council – Michigan

Planning for Offshore Wind Development in Michigan’s Great Lakes: Background Materials
(Klepinger 2009; PDF, 692 KB)

Legal and Regulatory Framework for Siting Offshore Wind Energy Facilities
(Hoagland et al. 2006; PDF, 1.1 MB)

Rhode Island Offshore Wind Stakeholders Final Report
(RIOER 2008; PDF 90 KB)

Offshore Wind Farms and the Environment: Danish Experiences from Horns Rev and Nysted
(Danish Energy Authority 2006; PDF, 4 MB)

Guidance Notes – Offshore Wind Farm Consents [Permitting] Process
(DTI 2004; PDF, 211 KB)

Analysis of Future Offshore Wind Farm Development in Ontario
(Helimax Energy Inc. 2008; PDF, 1.3 MB)

Michigan Great Lakes Offshore Wind: Permitting Dry Run Final Report
(May 2008; PDF 504kb)

U.S. Department of Interior, Mineral Management Service,
Final Rule on Offshore Wind Leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf

(April 29, 2009; PDF 10.4 MB)

U.S. Offshore Wind Energy: A Path Forward
(October 2009; 1.66 MB)

Andrew Williams, Novel Finnish Project Pioneers Ice Resistant Technology At Offshore Wind Farm. 02 Oct 2017

How Ice Could Impact Subsea Cables and the Great Lakes’ Offshore Wind Success. PMI Industries. February 22, 2018.

Shi, W., Tan, X., Zhou, L., Ning, D., & Karimirad, M. (2018, July 30). Investigation on Ice Loads for Offshore Wind Turbine in Varying Ice Conditions. International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers.

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