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Effect of Turbines on Property Values

STRAIGHT TALK Industrial Wind Zones Destroy Property Values

January 2016  Exploring the impact of the proposed Galloo Island energy project conducted for the Town of Henderson submitted by the Nanos Clarkson University Research Collaboration.
– Study looks at property values when Turbines are added to view. 

McCann Summarizes Property Value Studies
Summary: Wind Turbine – Property Value Impact Studies

November 2013, Gone with the wind: valuing the local impacts of wind turbines through house prices (Preliminary Draft), Stephen Gibbons, London School of Economics and Spatial Economics Research Centre, London, United Kingdom

A member of the Multi Municipal Wind Turbine working group says an assessment of property values confirmed a 25% property devaluation due to industrial wind turbines. Blackburn News – Ontario – Janice MacKay – October 13, 2015

June 8, 2010 report – Residential property values are adversely and measurably impacted by close proximity of industrial-scale wind energy turbine projects to residential properties.

Realtors say Wolfe Island wind turbines caused waterfront home prices to plummet

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