What this study fails to look at is why some areas are unwilling hosts, and how that would affect property values.
If Turbines are closer to homes?  predominate viewscapes? Are placed in previously natural spaces.  All of those would affect Property values,  and would also lead to a community being an unwilling host for turbines.

Jan 11, 2019 | SooToday.com

ONTARIO: Wind turbines may have a negative affect on property values, says professor
In this opinion piece, University of Guelph Associate Professor Richard Vyn explores the potential impacts of building wind turbines where they aren’t wanted

This story was originally published on The Conversationwritten by Richard Vyn, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Guelph

The question of whether or not wind turbines have decreased property values in Ontario has been a point of contention in recent years, and fuelled by the rapid expansion of the wind energy industry following the implementation of the Green Energy Act in 2009. (The current provincial government is in the process of repealing the act.)

Residents in communities with existing and proposed wind farms have felt their concerns have been largely ignored by the provincial government, which is able to override municipal decisions regarding where wind farms can be located. Wind farm development was allowed to proceed despite not reaching resolution on this issue. This is due in part to a lack of scientific evidence regarding these impacts.

Studies in other jurisdictions around the world have not provided a clear answer as to whether property values drop when a wind farm is built nearby. Negative impacts on property values have occurred in some jurisdictions including in the Netherlands, but not in others.

To determine whether property values have changed as a result of wind turbines in Ontario, I conducted a study using sales of rural residential properties. In particular, the study focused on counties in southern Ontario where wind farms have been constructed.

Unwilling hosts
This study also addresses underlying reasons for the lack of consensus across related studies in other jurisdictions. There are a number of potential contributing factors, including the possibility that differences in attitudes toward wind energy may influence the likelihood of property value impacts. Areas with greater opposition to wind energy development may be more likely to experience negative impacts on property values. I examined the degree to which differences in attitudes influenced property values in Ontario.

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