As we prepare for the May 7 zoning referendum, consider how important this local vote is to the UP. So far only the Garden Peninsula has a sizable industrial wind farm. But if the Hurons are opened to such development, what could that mean for the Keweenaw Peninsula and other areas? The US Geological Survey Wind Turbine Database
shows that Michigan’s Thumb has 19 projects and 758 operating turbines (now 757, since one caught fire and self-destructed in Elkton last week).


It also has a high-capacity 140 mile transmission line called the “Thumb Loop” that is capable of supporting 2,800 turbines. It all began just ten years ago with a project similar in size to Summit Lake. Please pass the word – this isn’t just a NIMBY vote!

Letter to Sentinel April 7 2019
Letter to Mining Gazette April 10 2019