Bird attrition. Death by turbine blades: One of the wind industry’s denial favourites. Along with health and environmental impacts.

Ecocide – All makes perfect logical sense doesn’t it?
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November 6 2018 | Wind Energy’s Absurd

Their shills talk about the birds that are killed by cats, windows, cars and power lines. Of course that is true but it is unlikely those birds will be protected species in any numbers or indeed raptors. No cat has been reported dragging an eagle through the cat flap has it?

Raptors are particularly vulnerable as they live and hunt in the same areas that wind developers speculate in. Indeed it has even been suggested that they are drawn to wind farms as scavengers to pick off the corpses that lie beneath the turbines and to the access tracks that expose prey on vegetation free roads.

All makes perfect logical sense doesn’t it?

We know far more birds are killed than the industry admits to. No turbine is monitored 24/7 and injured birds could crawl some distance to die of starvation and in agony unless picked off by the local foxes visiting their favourite convenience store. Their bodies would never be found and counted. Well worn fox tracks and droppings have been photographed around turbine bases so we are aware this is happening.

All makes perfect logical sense doesn’t it?

Now there has been a devastating study that suggests a 75% drop in numbers of raptors in an area close to turbines. This is huge! It means that wind turbines are in fact becoming the predator of the sky and wiping out huge numbers of eagles, kites, buzzards, hawks etc.

Without the delicate balance of natural predator and prey it also means that whole ecosystems are being adversely affected. Without the birds of prey other species will not be controlled and the ripple affect will reverberate. Rodents are one such species that would not be controlled in the same way if the birds that prey on them greatly vanish from our skies.

All makes perfect logical sense doesn’t it?

This is yet another reason why industrial wind should be halted until we know more. We need independent studies done for onshore and offshore turbines before permanent damage is done. We have recently had the announcement that Vattenafall is conducting surveys into the impacts their wind farm off the Aberdeenshire coast has on seabirds. Why is Vattenfall, the company standing to rake in the profits from the development, in charge of anything like that on its own installation.

Sharks in charge of the fish farm springs to mind!

All makes perfect logical sense doesn’t it?
To Vattenfall and the wind industry in general that is.


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