Windmill Controversy


AUGUST 15, 2018 | BRIAN CABELL |  Word on the Street. Cabell Publishing

CONTROVERSY BREWING IN L’Anse Township, our neighbors to the west.

A windmill controversy.

Renewable Energy Systems is proposing to install more than 50 turbines on land owned by Weyerhaeuser, one of the world’s largest owners of private timberlands.

The L’Anse Township Board, after a number of meetings, seems primed to approve the plan, but a grass roots group, Friends of the Huron Mountains, is vehemently opposed.

They’ve just hired attorney Jana Mathieu to prepare legal action against the Board, and once the Board approves the plan, as expected, they’re going to start a petition campaign to get the issue on a referendum ballot. The special election would likely be next spring.

The Friends group now numbers 118 members but claims that 90% of the township electorate opposes the windmill plans.

Plans originally called for as many as 140 windmills to be installed–including many in Marquette County–but the proposal has been downsized.

Why the opposition to windmills which, after all, are “green”? Opponents say they’re bad for recreation, tourism,wildlife, hunting, and aesthetics.

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