Wind turbines in DeKalb County, Missouri. have had ZERO television reception due to the signal scattering caused by the ninety seven 550′ towers.

Some more information on turbines and interference with radio, television and radar.

Signal Interference from Turbine Towers

Wind turbines, like all structures, can interfere with communication or radar signals when these signals are interrupted by the turbine’s tower or blades.

Radar, TV, and Radio Signal Interference
Wind turbines can cause electromagnetic interference and affect TV and radio reception. Electromagnetic interference can be caused by near-field effects, diffraction, or reflection and scattering. Such interference can typically be mitigated by using satellite TV or wireless cable TV.

Types of Interference

Wind turbines, like other large, metallic structures—such as buildings, TV towers, and satellite dishes—are radar reflectors, and as such, all of these types of structures have the potential to cause radar interference if placed in sensitive locations. There are two types of interference:

Direct interference happens with high reflectivity and reduces radar sensitivity, sometimes producing false images (“ghosting”) or shadow areas (“dead zones”)
Doppler interference creates false targets and impacts airborne and fixed radar.


Impact analysis of wind farms on telecommunication services  (PDF Download)