This wind project will cause the destruction of our beautiful land, where the grid is something many choose, or still live without, to send “clean” energy off to some city or corporation out of the U.P.  This quote is very appropriate.

“The whole back-to-the-land movement that we embraced has to do with simplifying your lifestyle and reducing your consumption,” explains Buhrman.
“So it seems to me tremendously ironic that those of us who simplified our lives and came to this beautiful natural world of the West Virginia mountains should have to endure industrialization by people hundreds of miles away—people who are still addicted to conspicuous consumption and need more electricity because they’ve got a three story foyer that they want to heat and air condition. The rich continue to do what they want, use as much energy as they want, and roll over everyone else.”
[Dave Buhrman, December, 2007]