Don’t Let The Industry Fool You! Here Are Some Facts You Should Know!
Wind industry lobbyists and developers are not telling people the whole story. So that you may have an informed opinion about industrial wind, below are some important facts about the industry that these groups are not likely to share.


    • Industrial wind towers are 50-story steel buildings.
    • Industrial wind turbines generate noises of 105-110dB (think jackhammer or chainsaw) 24/7/365.
    • Industrial wind turbines can be heard for at least 1-3 miles in all directions
    • Industrial wind turbine technology is only 25%-40% efficient.
      – – It’s like paying a week’s wages for one day of work.

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Straight Talk-Industrial Wind is Not as Green as We Were Told

  • One industrial wind tower and turbine has a carbon footprint of 230-275 tons.
  • Turbines on ridge lines require miles of new roads, mass blasting to create low grades and level turbine areas.
  • Each industrial wind turbine contains hundreds of lbs. of rare-earth minerals that are so toxic to mine that only China continues to do so.
  • Every industrial wind turbine requires a concrete foundations. A 328-foot-high towers with 2-MW turbines required 30,000 tons of cement.
    Which is responsible for releasing more than 200,000 lbs. of carbon emissions into the air.
  • Industrial wind noise and vibration kills bats and possibly bees or other invertebrates. It drives wildlife away from the area, killing many birds and bats.

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Straight Talk-Industrial Wind Developer Tactics

  • Industrial wind developers are for profit businesses. Their primary goal is to make money: everything they do and say serves that purpose.
  • The industrial wind sector has a well-deserved reputation of engaging in tactics and propaganda that promote their agenda without regard to the effects it has on the people and communities it encounters.
  • Many Wind Developers including RES sell the project to other companies.
    Their promises about anything are worthless if they are not in writing or required by local ordinance because they will not be here to keep them.
  • Many of the claims made by the wind speculators and developers have been carefully crafted by public relations and political experts to promote their agenda with half-truths and misleading propaganda.

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Property Value Losses And Property Rights Violations

  • Many studies show that industrial wind zones cause property and home value losses of 25%-50% or more for 10 miles in all directions.
  • Five Hundred foot tall industrial wind towers with turbines as loud as jackhammers on adjoining property disturb and violate the rights of neighboring property owners at all times.
  • Private for-profit industrial wind facilities are NOT public utilities and may not infringe on the rights of non-participating properties

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