Industrial Wind Impacts on Hunting

February 20 2018, Industrial Wind Energy: Incompatible With Hunting John Droz.
Many are being fooled by easy money promises: “There is not enough critical thinking skills or common sense being used when big money energy companies enter rural communities.” In some cases wind projects are proposed for forest (i.e. hunting) lands. Every situation is a bit different but let’s use the Timbermill (NC) project as an example.
Industrial wind development can harm hunting in at least six (6) ways.

Aug 22, 2016, Hunters irate over hunting restrictions near wind turbines.  CBC News.
Engie Canada, which owns four wind farms in Ontario, asked landowners who lease land for wind turbines to restrict hunting on their properties to ensure the safety of people servicing the towering machines. ‘We perceive this to be a serious affront to hunters,’ Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters says

July 19, 2018, Letter On behalf of Trout Unlimited, on the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) transmission line.
” Consistent with our mission, TU’s primary concern will be the impacts of the project on habitat for cold water fish  … A large amount of currently forested habitat will be cleared for construction, and much of this will be permanently converted to cleared corridors. Clearing and construction of access roads and tower foundations may cause sedimentation and other impacts on water quality. Maintained corridors in riparian areas will remove trees that provide shade and will likely raise stream temperatures. ” 

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