L’Anse Township Rejects Zoning Changes

Industrial Wind Farms Disallowed on Commercial Forest Land

May 8, 2019 | Friends of The Huron Mountains

L’Anse, Michigan, May 8, 2019 The Friends of the Huron Mountains, a group formed in opposition to a proposed industrial wind project (since canceled), announced today that township voters decisively rejected zoning changes that would have expanded dramatically the area open to industrial wind development. The vote tally was 315 to 257, a 55-45% margin.

Approved by the Township Board of Commissioners on October 11, 2018, the changes would have made all Forest Resource land in the township (in addition to Conservation/Recreation land) eligible for industrial wind development and increased permissible turbine blade length by lowering ground clearance height.

Friends spokesperson Wayne Abba expressed satisfaction with the outcome and noted that the result will restore the pre-existing zoning. “With this behind us, local officials must accept that their rush to approve poorly written developer-friendly zoning was ill-advised. The people have spoken.” The group now will shift its focus to helping the community improve its master plan and zoning.

Chairman Burt Mason said “We have conducted extensive research worldwide. Our well-informed, active volunteers are ready, willing and able to assist local officials in improving area planning and zoning to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents, enhance use of our natural and historic treasures, and attract desirable new businesses.”