The Daily Mining Gazette editorial on May 4th the S.A.V.E. group and its advisor Prof. Waller from NMU persist in the groundless claim that FOHM lacks sources for our data or that the sources are irrelevant. Well, it’s a shame that those people either chose not to attend our presentations (we attended all of the RES and other presentations) or did not pay attention. We clearly showed the sources for our information.

Those sources include the US Bureau of Census, US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife Division, Imperial College of England, University of Edinburgh, SP Institute of Sweden, US Energy Information Administration (EIA), University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Wichita State University Center for Economic Development and Business Research, the Scottish Government (a supporter of wind energy), Ontario Canada Superior Court, and the list goes on… Our research sought facts from unbiased, credible sources. Anyone can obtain their own “truth” from sources funded by wind supporters or anti-wind supporters; we did not. Our goal was to look for the truth and supporting evidence.

It’s past time for everyone to come out of their respective corners, listen respectfully to one other, and make sound, informed decisions that will be best for the community. If the majority decide they do not want the current zoning ordinance as written by RES, it will give everyone the time to look at ALL the facts and propose ordinances that satisfy the needs, desires and wants of the community while protecting the Health Safety and Welfare of all.


Burt Mason

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  1. I also take offense to the NIMBY theory. The point is Not in My Forest. 500 foot wind turbines and their clearings should not be even considered in Great Lake forests.

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